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Expert Care For LVT Flooring

Experience a thorough clean for your Karndean and Amtico flooring with our advanced deep cleaning system, restoring its original colour while effectively removing dirt and grease. Our durable polyurethane product can repair scratches and scuffs, leaving your floors looking brand new.

As specialists in commercial vinyl floor cleaning, we offer comprehensive services across London. Our expertise includes luxury vinyl tile cleaning and sealing, resurfacing scratched LVT flooring, deep cleaning and sealing of commercial marmoleum and vinyl, as well as commercial marmoleum and vinyl floor recolouring.

Our Process


Initial Cleaning

We'll begin by vacuuming your floor to remove any surface dirt. Next, we apply LVT cleaning products and use our rotary machine to extract ingrained dirt. The method of application (manual or machine) depends on the size of the area


Thorough Rinsing

We use our truck mount machine for thorough rinsing, ensuring complete removal of water and dirt, leaving your floor impeccably clean.


Resealing Evaluation

Following the cleaning process, we evaluate whether your floor requires resealing. If the flooring has lost its shine or the original protective seal has deteriorated, resealing may be necessary.


Resealing Process

Should resealing be required, we wait until the flooring is completely dry before applying multiple layers of high-sheen sealant. This enhances the luxurious appearance of your flooring and reinstates its durability.

Trust Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning  to restore your LVT flooring to its former glory, appearing as good as new!

Cleaning and Sealing Service for Vinyl Flooring

Over time, Karndean, Amtico, and other Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring accumulate wear and tear, necessitating cleaning and stripping to remove worn sealant.

We start by applying a strong cleaning solution to the flooring, utilising a specialized vinyl floor cleaning machine to effectively release dirt, oils, and remaining sealant. The floor is then thoroughly rinsed using steam-boosted extraction equipment.

Upon completion of the cleaning process, we reapply several layers of a super durable satin finish sealant, providing further protection and enhancing the tile's colour for up to 18 months. Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the results.

Cleaning and sealing LVT
LVT cleaning

Restoration Services for Vinyl Flooring

Additionally, we offer Vinyl Floor Restoration services, ideal for addressing scratched and scuffed LVT flooring. Our restoration sealant, a two-part polyurethane formula with a special additive, fills scratches and scuffs, effectively repairing the top layer of the tile.

Once the sealant has cured, it offers resistance to abrasion and chemicals, significantly improving the appearance and extending the flooring's lifespan for many years.
This cost-effective alternative to replacing flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Sealing Commercial Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tile flooring has become a staple in various commercial settings, including car showrooms and hair salons, due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, these high-traffic areas are prone to heavy wear and tear, including chemical spills, rubber markings from tyres, and abrasion from constant foot traffic and hair salon activities.

Typically, commercial-grade vinyl tiles feature a thin protective layer, approximately 0.5 microns thick, which offers limited resistance to abrasion, spills, and staining caused by plasticisers. This can lead to premature wear and permanent damage to the flooring.

Fortunately, Dr. Schutz PU anti-colour sealant provides a revolutionary solution for protecting commercial luxury vinyl tile flooring. With up to 10 times more resistance to shoe abrasion and a barrier against chemicals and plasticisers, this sealant significantly prolongs the lifespan of vinyl tiles. Additionally, sealing creates a more hygienic environment and makes the floor easier to clean. The sealant is available in various finishes, including mat, satin, and gloss, catering to different aesthetic preferences. Moreover, the UV curing option ensures that the floor is ready to use within hours, minimizing downtime in busy commercial spaces.

Should resealing be required, we'll wait until the flooring is completely dry before applying multiple layers of high-sheen sealant. This not only enhances the luxurious appearance of your flooring but also reinstates its durability.


Commercial floor refinishing

Refinishing Commercial Flooring

Commercial linoleum, marmoleum, and vinyl flooring are prevalent in educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and various commercial buildings. Over time, these floors can become scratched and faded, defying traditional cleaning and sealing methods.

Replacing such flooring can be both costly and environmentally taxing, as much of it ends up in landfills. However, we offer a cost-effective alternative: refinishing.

Our refinishing service rejuvenates tired floors by recolouring them in any desired shade. Additionally, clients have the option to incorporate company logos, signs, or lettering for a truly bespoke finish.

To ensure long-lasting results, the recoloured flooring can be permanently sealed using Dr. Schutz anti-colour sealant. This not only enhances the appearance of the floor but also contributes to its durability, providing a sustainable solution for commercial spaces.

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